Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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With overwhelming market requirements of the mobile community for security and privacy of payments transaction an overall technology based concept was designed to cater for the present society.

eMINT Products / Services are focused to improve the payment process between individuals and organizations using digital / electronic  technologies.

Solutions offered are based on the widely accepted technology platforms from Apple, Microsoft (Windows8) and Google (Android).

Based on these technology platforms we offer Products & Services as follows:

a) The individual license

b) Merchants License

c) Group Licenses



Reaching us has just become easier.

Having this CMS system available for location based and Mobile communities, allows for a greater integration of the day to day needs.

Executing and Validating your financial transactions amongst the different private and business communities is essential to respond to the needs of a society in search of the very best in everything.

Integration of the capabilities of the latest IT technologies in our ecosystem is and always will remain a challenging task. The solutions we offer for smart Phones and Tablets, is making a gigantic step forwards in the digital world of PRIVACY and SECURITY.


The eMINT Team.