Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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eMINT users are automatically qualified to become member of their selected group(s).

Member Services allows approved eMINT users to validate a persons membership to one or multiple groups.

This to ensure that transactions will be done in a safe and private manner. Membership validation can be done before or after a transaction is performed.

Validation however is normally only required in case of doubt. Other procedures will inform members instantly of possible technical- or member issues.


In addition members will receive application- and tecnical- support for their device platform.




Reaching us has just become easier.

Having this CMS system available for location based and Mobile communities, allows for a greater integration of the day to day needs.

Executing and Validating your financial transactions amongst the different private and business communities is essential to respond to the needs of a society in search of the very best in everything.

Integration of the capabilities of the latest IT technologies in our ecosystem is and always will remain a challenging task. The solutions we offer for smart Phones and Tablets, is making a gigantic step forwards in the digital world of PRIVACY and SECURITY.


The eMINT Team.